Looks like they’ve called it.

Valhalla remains accurate in depicting Scotland as part of the UK…

…For now.

writer86 said: Quite at random a couple days ago while I was working, the name Schmelgert Helgerzholm popped into my head. It wouldn't let go either. Took me a while to remember where I'd gotten it from, but it's never been far from my mind since. So thanks for that. Looking forward to book two, and any other unique names that might pop up there. :)

The name did the same thing to me, that’s how it ended up in the novel. It occurred to me one day and it just wouldn’t leave, so I had to put it in there somehow. Fun fact that didn’t make the novel- His wife’s name is Helga.

I regret there are no names quite that unique in Book 2, but Schmelgert may show up again in Book 3.

fairly-disingenuous-assertions said: When Ragnarök comes out will it be available in e-book format at the same time as paperback, or are there separate release dates for different formats?

It should come out on eBook and paperback on the same day :)

carefulthefloorislava said: what made you choose to name your book valhalla?








now I need to try and work out what the third one is called by looking through norse terms

if only Nidhogg had another letter that’d be fun

Nidhogg is actually mentioned in Book 1, albeit humorously.

Book 3 is called “Guðsriki,” publisher’s approval pending of course.

If not, Yggdrasl has the right number of letters.

Yggdrasil already appears in the books as Valhalla’s power center, a giant glowing tree-like system called the YGDR S/L system. Its branches bring power to each building in the ravine and provide walkways to them as well.

The power system also plays a major role in Books 2 and 3, there’s a bit more to it than is explained in Book 1 or above.


I’m almost disappointed that I didn’t get to work it out

(I would never have guessed this)

What is the name of this book because now I want to read it.

Edit: my excuse for being that much of an idiot is it’s 3am and I am not Lix who operates on a time zone about 6 hours later than myself.

The book is Valhalla by Ari Bach




A few things. First and foremost it was the main location in the novel where everything took place, the location getting its name from the Norse myth that runs throughout the book. That mythic basis was another reason, I wanted a name that represented the underlying themes. Beyond that, it fits into the long term plans for the series, each book is named for an 8 letter Norse mythological term. On the business side, Valhalla has a good deal of name recognition. Finally, I just like the sound of the word and what it stands for. All that put together made it the natural name for the book.

For about 13 years of its 17 year development, it was called “Gossamer” after the metaphor in the novel that the world peace in the novel is held together by a fragile web of underground spycraft and such. Also after the creature from Looney Tunes which I really liked. There’s still a genetic construct in Book 2 (Titled Ragnarök) that resembles it.

As for Ragnarök, well, it follows Valhalla. Fits perfectly.

Googling it brings up three pages from the-walrus-squad. This is unhelpful. xD

If you mean Guðsriki, it’s Icelandic for “The Kingdom of God,” as in the world after Ragnarök, so it fits the book after Ragnarök.

God I hope they let me keep all my Umlauts and Eths…

hextrudedcubes said: What does YGDR stand for?




Yamato-Goddard Dynamic Reactor, after the two scientists who invented quark flipping energy technology.

S/L stands for State/Location (As in the Heisenberg principal), they’re the nodes that contain and distribute the quarks that get flipped.

is it a reference to ygdrasil?

Yes, it’s shaped like a giant ash tree that stands in the center of Valhalla in the novel and bathes the ravine in golden light. One of dozens if not hundreds of Norse myth references in the book, which is itself based on the Norse pantheon and stories. Book 2 is called Ragnarök and is about exactly that. Fans of Norse myth have actually guessed some massive spoilers already.

mcfondled said: What is the cover of your book, and what's the process of determining cover art like?


The cover is a Tikari.

The cover art was determined by the press’s art director (The awesome Paul Richmond) and myself, the author and artist for the Tikari and background (Paul did the text). It’s based on a 1999 drawing of a Tikari that you can see on my deviantArt page.

We wanted something iconic that would represent one of the coolest parts of the novel, yet still get into school libraries. The original artwork from the first self published edition of Valhalla was deemed a bit too risque, and its font too illegible. The original art was a bit more to my taste in that it was a very female image (Look at the cover art for most teen female dystopian novels like Divergent and Hunger Games, they don’t show women, it’s like they want to hide that so boys will buy them too) and a very violent one as well. The novel is about a very violent girl so it was my ideal image.

The new image isn’t entirely without that significance though, it does look a lot like a labrys and that’s mostly why I chose that specific Tikari instead of the lead character’s.

But the process itself was just a few drawings and a few emails. Standard stuff that went smoothly :)

derpy-daymare said: How many times in your book are potatoes discussed.


Only once:

"Prokofiev woke them as rudely as an air-horn blast and directed them to the eatery. Breakfast was as big as they’d expected, full of genuine meats and eggs and greasy salty potato products. The unusual foods made their bellies happy and talkative and keen to expel noxious fumes from one orifice or another."

Book 2 also contains a potato reference.

zangoosearsonist said: This has been on my mind since i started reading Valhalla for the third time. Are there any tikkiri that arn't insectoid? like a bird or a lizard of sorts?

No, all bugs. Not necessarily insects but arachnid or what not.

soapsock said: I lied. I actually am going to ask a question. When's the movie adaptation and subsequent video game?



Valhalla was originally a screenplay, the book was written based on it. I have the film designed, storyboarded and ready to go. All that needs to happen is for the book to get HUGE.

As for the video game, there are many ideas floating about for how one might work. I’m open to more if you have any.

It’d have to be a character action game/spectacle fighter in the vein of Bayonetta only with possibly more of an emphasis on gunplay and some stealth elements, but not a huge focus on it. You’re not gonna be able to do everything, and I think that in this case focusing on the sci-fi action is a better idea than the spycraft stuff. Character action games require a huge amount of skill in order to play them well, something that fits with the book’s themes rather well. So what I’d do is up the level of the action - Valhalla the book is already pretty ridiculous and Valhalla the game should top that. Violet and the rest of the Valkyries are capable of doing stuff that normal humans can’t even fathom doing. Speaking of, I’d also work in some kinda bullet time mechanic - cliche, I know, but Violet has this thing in the novel where the world slows down around her while she plans out her next act of violence, and that’s just begging for Bullet Time. The game should be complex and mechanics heavy - dodge cancelling, parrying, launchers, stingers, all that shit. I’m thinking something reminiscent of Metal Gear Rising, both in terms of tone and gameplay - it’s a game about doing cool shit, but you need to know what the fuck you’re doing before you can do the really cool shit.

So, here’s how I’d do it; the opening sequence where Violet’s parents die has to be playable, no argument. Let the player beat the absolute shit out of the orange gang mooks with little to no effort. It’s not meant to be a challenge, it’s meant to set the tone of the game - this is a game about Violet being awesome. From there, turn her time in the military into a tutorial montage. You get to quickly learn the very basics of combat and finish off with another setpiece where you show off what you learn by beating the tar out of your fellow cadets after they attempt to haze you. Violet goes home dejected and is immediately recruited by Valhalla and from there we segue into the Advanced Tutorials - how to shoot, how to use your Tikari both by directly controlling it and letting it do its own thing, and most importantly, teamwork. There should be some kind of squad mechanic to the game, letting you direct the rest of V Squad. From there, the game settles into a status quo; half the game is you and V Squad going on missions to beat up bad guys, the other half is spent in Valhalla, exploring the environment, interacting with the other residents, doing side missions and occasionally clearing out the walruses (of course there’d be walrus detail as a gameplay mechanic. not including walrus detail’d be blasphemy.)

And one last thing I’d do; make the entire trilogy one game. The biggest downfall of so many licensed games is that they just don’t have enough content to work with so either the pacing is horrendous or they make up action sequences to pad out the length. It’s not that that doesn’t sometimes work (see; the Spider-Man games based on the Raimi movies, or at least the first two; Wolverine Origins) but you have a whole trilogy to work with here. Stick them into one game and just make the game longer. Give the player something they’ll have to invest real time into. That’s why I’d include downtime at Valhalla - to help with the pacing. The game’s not just action sequence after action sequence after action sequence. The player can cleanse their proverbial palette in between stages and bosses by exploring a huge, gorgeous environment and clearing out walruses. They can do sparring minigames, help the other residents with sidequests errands, interact with their squad and co-workers, or just explore and find secrets. And, depending on how the story goes (there’s still two books that aren’t out yet and I haven’t even yet finished the first one I’M SORRY I’VE BEEN VERY BUSY OKAY) there might even be an awesome, huge-ass battle scene at some point near the climax of the story.

So that’s how I’d handle the Valhalla game if I were a game designer; give it to Platinum and tell them “remember Metal Gear Rising? do that but with more guns and also a living bugknife”


I’m literally reblogging this with the intent of showing it to the game developer someday. This is more than I can even take in right now. Just wow. You may well have just laid out the premise of the whole game to be.

hextrudedcubes said: What does YGDR stand for?


Yamato-Goddard Dynamic Reactor, after the two scientists who invented quark flipping energy technology.

S/L stands for State/Location (As in the Heisenberg principal), they’re the nodes that contain and distribute the quarks that get flipped.